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The Shoppes at Turnberry
1747 Hill Rd. North
Pickerington, OH. 43147
Next to VIP Lounge

Pickerington, Ohio Krav Maga Boxing Conditioning (Cardio & Strength) Yoga & Hot Yoga BarreLean Women's Self Defense (FREE) Weapons Disarm
Evolve Fitness Club CLASSESWork. Sweat. Results.
Evolve Fitness Club CLASSES
We have a wide variety of classes at Evolve to help you find a perfect fit! All classes can be modified, but this scale provides an idea of the intensity of each class.

class intensity scale

advanced krav maga Levels 2+ only.

boxing Our version of a cardio mma or “boxing” class. Learn proper technique to avoid injury while burning major calories and scorching fat. Limited quantity of gloves at the club.  Gloves required, wraps recommended.*

hot yoga Our version of 'hot yoga'.  Slightly Hot Yoga combines strong, flowing movements to create an athletic workout experience to move toxins out of the body.  Set to upbeat music and heat. Previous Yoga experience is required before adding the speed and heat of Hot Yoga.  Yoga mat and towel are required.

barbell bootcamp Join us for an intense strength conditioning class centered around the use of the Barbell.  We're saying "bootcamp" but we promise not to yell at you or blow a whistle! You have the freedom to adjust the weights according to your abilities and make any modifications you choose.  Have fun and burn fat!

krav maga Designed for men and women of all shapes/sizes.  Work with a partner to learn to defend against common strikes, chokes, grabs and bear hugs, as well as weapons.  The system excels at teaching you to keep yourself and loved ones safe. Krav Maga Intro is REQUIRED with our instructors before taking a Krav Maga class.

athletic yoga This will be a faster paced yoga class that will flow through strength and core movements.  We'll spend about 40 minutes working hard and then lengthen the muscles and finish with final relaxation.  Be prepared to work and sweat.  Modifications can be made but this is an intermediate class.  Beginners are encouraged to start with "Yoga" as it is slower and less rigorous.  This class can be held in either studio depending on class size.
barre lean Since the beginning of time, dancers' bodies have been admired.  Long and lean, these physiques don't come without work.  Dedicated exercises focusing on strength, length and flexibility shape their muscles.  In BarreLean, we combine the classical exercises of Ballet with traditional Yoga and Pilates practices.  The class centers around the ballet barre, as well as utilizes space within the room and additional equipment.  Don't let the beauty and art of ballet fool you...you will leave this class exhausted and revived.

yoga flow The combination of Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates will leave you feeling strong, flexible, refreshed and energized.  Set to a variety of music. Yoga mat recommended.  Limited amount of mats available at the studio.

pilates flow Strengthen your core throughout class while we "flow" or move from one exercise to another. Don't be surprised if you sweat a little! Yoga or Fitness mat required.

core Work core strength through a variety of exercises!

pilates Learn to utilize and strengthen your powerhouse.  Work your abdominal muscles, obliques and lower back in this mat-based class.  Yoga or fitness mat required.

FREE women's self defense Invite all of the women in your life to attend this self defense class.  It will always be on the 2nd Saturday of every month and it will always be FREE!

yoga Basic yoga.  Stretch and strengthen the body and quiet the mind using traditional yoga postures set to relaxing music.  Yoga mat recommended. Limited quantities of mat available at the studio. 

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